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Dee Quotes

“I’m very picky when it comes to counsellors but Dee was amazing-she is genuinely interested in how to help you get to where you want to be. I always felt comfortable in her company and was happy to open up to her. Her strategies on how to deal with things has hugely helped me to be where I am now and I really am grateful!”

“These sessions have been amazing and so beneficial to the way I think about things. Dee has given me the tools to continue my therapy in the outside world. I am a different person to when I began. I was very apprehensive before I started but feel my positive thoughts and confidence grow day by day.

I have enjoyed my sessions with Dee. I strongly recommend anyone who feels anxious and has low esteem to visit Dee and ask for her help.

Thank you Dee.”

“I have seen a number of counsellors in the past and this is the first time that I feel I have made any significant progress. Dee has helped me to arrive at a better understanding/acceptance of the way that I think and operate, and equipped me with a ‘toolset’ which is helping me to better deal with some of the challenges that I face.

I have really appreciated the ability to shape the sessions around what’s been going on in my world at the time-this way, I feel I’ve been able to draw much more value from our sessions than I would have done if we were working along a fixed path.

I very quickly felt that I could be 100% open and honest with Dee, I have always felt listened to and understood.”

“I really want to say thank you so much for all you’ve helped me with. It’s helped so much, and taught me how to value myself which was something I didn’t feel I could do before I started attending your sessions.”

“I have been able to talk about things I never thought I would be able to to any one.”

“I am so pleased that I came to see Dee. She has proved to be an excellent confidante and I have been able to face the huge issues that have attacked my entire life.”

“Counselling has helped me to learn to accept who I am.”

“Counselling has equipped me with a strong basis on which to make positive steps and, even though I no longer attend the sessions, I’m able to remind myself of the ideas I learned whilst attending them.”

“Counselling with you has been enlightening. I was stuck on a problem and mindset and counselling changed my mindset and the problem went away. Brilliant. Without you I wouldn’t have got to where I am now.”

“I feel lucky to have had Dee as my counsellor. I have been able to talk for the first time about many issues. I feel changed through counselling. I feel alive and happier.”

“My fear of counselling was being judged and criticized. I was not. I valued Dee’s expertise. I needed a professional, not friend or family. Taking me to difficult areas, getting into murky stuff, really helped. Dee helped me understand my complex female relationships and get in touch with my creativity.”

“Just to say a big thank you for your help over the last few months – it’s been really great to have someone who isn’t involved in my situation who I can talk things through with openly, without judgement. I guess it’s your job, but you’re a great listener and have interjected in what felt like the most appropriate and helpful places…always reminding me that I have choices where these might appear not to exist, helping me to see outside of my immediate circumstances and reminding me to face up to processing things. Talking with you has helped me to work through what’s really been a very difficult few months and to feel like I’m coming out the other side – so thank you.”

“What I got from counselling with Dee-being able to easily discuss things, feeling comfortable whilst doing so, managed to achieve what I wanted to through counselling, thought-provoking discussions making me look back after sessions and think things through carefully, understanding and non-judging which makes me feel even more comfortable talking about things I haven’t felt good talking about, being able to walk away from counselling feeling like I’ve achieved something, feeling like a load has been taken off my shoulders and feeling “free” in my mind now.”

“I am a different person from when I started counselling with Dee. All my friends notice it too. My life is no longer dictated by fear. I am more confident and in control. Twice before I have had counselling when I was forced to go and it did not work. This time I wanted to do it and I found the right counsellor. Dee helped me look at very painful stuff which I have never talked about before. I valued Dee being non-judgmental and her coping with my ‘little girl’ tantrums! Dee helped me get through this without medication which was something I hoped to achieve.”

“I have suffered from depression for many years, never found counselling easy, seen counsellors over the years but after one or two sessions not gone back. I struggled on my own until things came to a head last year. I gave counselling another go and stayed with it this time because of Dee. She has got a way of getting you to talk about things but at the same time showing compassion for what you are going through. Some weeks are really hard and I have felt like doing a runner but the reason I am still coming here is down to Dee.”

“Counselling with Dee feels the most beneficial counselling I have ever had. I have become transformed over the last 3 months. I have achieved more than I thought I would. I feel I have put the past to bed and can move on.”

“I got so much out of counselling, it surpassed my expectation of what can be achieved through talking counselling. I am able to manage on my own. I am optimistic about the future”.

“What really helped was having someone to offload to, someone non-judgmental. Talking helped, especially through the blackest days. I feel changed.”

“Thanks Dee for your help. No need to be top dog anymore and that’s a great relief!”

“The most important thing to me was Dee not judging me.”

“Dee helped me to see that I was normal-what a relief!”

“Before I started counselling with Dee, I have never had a trusting relationship before.”

“Dee is an excellent ambassador for counselling”.

“I brought to counselling an area of my life that I found very challenging to speak about.  I quickly felt comfortable enough to talk to you about things I have never voiced to another person.  I have valued the opportunity to explore many areas of myself in depth, and have left the process feeling more at ease and accepting of who I am.  I feel much stronger and positively like myself now! Thank you for your patient understanding and acceptance.”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last months. The counselling sessions have helped me immensely. You took the time to get to know me and never made me feel rushed, when we were talking. I found with your help that I was able to go back in time over difficult events that have happened in my life. Then to talk through them and get a clearer understanding of how certain times were still affecting my life and making me anxious. Also with your help, you have shown me ways in which to cope in difficult, anxious times. I really do appreciate your time and help.”

“Counselling has helped me overcome my fears of getting things out in the open. When I first started, I bottled things up and wouldn’t speak of my emotions and used to get angry and upset a lot. Now I feel more confident to speak to my family and friends about problems. I am now able to take time for myself instead of doing everything that others wanted to do. I am happier and more relaxed and so is my family life. I would highly recommend Dee as she listened to my goals of what I wanted to achieve and helped me achieve them.”

“I have found counselling very helpful. It has been very good to open up about feelings and experiences from my past and present. Dee has been amazing, taking time to get to know me and letting me talk about difficult experiences at my own pace. My anxieties have reduced greatly. I am now able to understand my past experiences, with the help of Dee, and also how to deal with experiences that might cause me anxiety. I feel I can now live my life more in the present.”

“Thank you for helping me so much over the past year. I understand myself and my relationships so much more and I’m looking forward to the future.”

“Over the few sessions we have had, my perspective has really changed on so many things. I have realised that I cannot be in control of everything in life & that I do not have to plan everything I do down to the minute. I have learnt to let things go.”

“Dee has really helped me face up to my loss and understand that my feelings are normal and that I am not any different from anyone else who has been bereaved. I am not so emotional about the loss of my husband and am trying to, and able to, accept that he has gone which I could not accept before. I feel that I have much more confidence and that i will be able to cope with the general way of life that I could not do before. I am glad that I went to see Dee.”

“I found Dee my counsellor very good, very understanding with the problems I had and has helped me to get my life back. And I have enjoyed working with Dee over the last ten weeks, What a great lady.”

“Dee is a friendly and knowledgeable person who listens to your goals and then plans sessions around them. I was very nervous about the idea of counselling but, after meeting Dee for the first time, felt completely relaxed.”

“I felt in a non-judgemental space, where I was able to freely express myself and go into massive amounts of detail about my past and what was on my mind. Most importantly, I felt I made progress with each passing week. From getting all my issues on the table, to beginning to rationalise things, to having the confidence to make an important life decision, to finally being ready to face my problems alone.”

“Working with Dee has been the first time that therapy has actually felt like it worked. I feel like I’m able to face the future without being scared. If I have a lapse, that’s okay, because I now have healthy skills and mechanisms to help me deal with problems when they occur. She allowed me the space that I needed to work through things, but also challenged me when it was appropriate. She helped me frame things in a way that made sense to my brain, and it felt like she really understood and cared about me. I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am to her.

Thank you so much Dee.”

“Dee has helped me so much with my anxiety. She is easy to talk to and offers a safe non-judgemental space where you are able to relax and talk through the problems you are facing with her. As Dee is such a calm and empathic person it makes talking to her easy and she really cares about what’s best for you and works hard to ensure that you feel stronger in yourself. I want to say a huge thank you for everything she has helped me with!”